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Inseal Limited is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of warm edge components in the UK

ecobar Warm Edge Spacer Bars


Energy Efficiency

Ecobar has one of the best thermal conductivity values of all foiled warm edge spacer bar..


Windows with Ecobar inside keep homes at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Long term performance

High efficient gas barrier keeps sealed units performing year after year.

We offer a guaranteed quality of product and a reliable and timely delivery of goods.

What is the definition of warm edge?
Warm Edge Technology is a generic term for any spacer bar or system that has better thermal performance than highly conductive aluminium spacer bar.
Are all warm edge technology spacer systems the same?
While we use the generic term WET, there are many different types, some with higher performing attributes than others. Different types include stainless steel; plastic spacers with and without metal backing; tin plated U-shaped spacers; flexible spacers from thermoplastic matrix; butyl-matrix spacers and thermoset structural foam spacer systems.
What are the key performance comparisons that sealed unit manufacturers need to research before committing to any spacer system?
There are several key performance indicators but we always advise companies to take into account all of the following:

  • Thermal performance, specifically relating to Window Energy Ratings
  • Extensive supply chain & distribution channels to ensure consistent availability of product
  • Cost parity with aluminium spacer systems
  • Productivity improvements
  • Testing and standards compliancy
  • Ease of manufacture
  • Application options
  • Durability and proven performance
  • Comprehensive system e.g. colours, Georgian bars, and simulated divided light system
  • Brand awareness and loyalty within the UK market place
  • Support including sales, marketing and technical
Just wanted to say thank you for your service. We have found dealing with your company a pleasure from start to finish. We will have no trouble in recommending your company to our business partners.
John Fisher

CEO, Taylor Made Windows London Ltd

I’ve now started using your spacer bars in my glass production that I purchased from you in January and felt I had to send a email telling you how pleased we are with the result. A big thank you Inseal.
Cathy Boyle

Floor Manager, Clearbright